Hypnobirthing is a childbirth education class that will teach you techniques for a calm and positive birth experience, geared towards natural birth. It will give you a toolbox of skills that will help you before and during the birth, with an emphasis on self-hypnosis, breathing and relaxation. It will give you an understanding of what occurs in birth which, in turn, will give you the skills for a more positive birth, and the joy and power that this can bring you.

Hypnobirthing will also help your chosen birth partner to understand birth, so they can help you achieve the birth you want, and support you in your journey.

Birth is seen as something to fear. We will teach you what is happening to your body, as well as showing you fear-release techniques that you can use in the lead-up to the big day. These techniques will help you let go of any fears that might be holding you back from having a calm birth.

Self-hypnosis is what sets Hypnobirthing apart from other childbirth classes. Self-hypnosis for the mother is a state of deep relaxation, whilst remaining conscious and being able to make decisions, which can lead to a calmer state. You will allow your body to do what it is designed to do: to give birth!

We teach the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program created by an Australian mother, for Australian mothers and their birth partners. The Hypnobirthing Australia™ course is a wonderfully rounded class; you will gain so much knowledge and power, allowing you to achieve the best birth possible. All materials are modern and relevant to Australian couples.

For more information, please visit Hypnobirthing Australia

– Why choose Hypnobirthing Australia?

We pride ourselves on teaching the most comprehensive and up to date course for expecting parents. Instead of highlighting what the differences are to other courses, I will instead focus on why to choose Hypnobithing Australia.

  • We are constantly updating the materials to be evidence-based, meaning you will have the most relevant information for your birthing day.
  • We are an Australian made course, which makes us relevant to our hospital and maternity system. This also means our tracks are recorded with an Australian accent.
  • Self-hypnosis is an important part of our course, to help change thought patterns to reinforce the positive birth message.
  • We focus on having a POSITIVE and CALM birth, not natural birth at all costs.
  • All practitioners are skilled and trained, and we support one another to help all our couples to achieve a positive birth.

What to expect on the day at Naturally Better Births?

The hypnobirthing course is run in North Sydney. There are four units covered, taking a total of 12 hours. The day is run over 2 Sundays.

  • The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed, with a small number of couples per course. The less people, the more relaxed and personable the course feels.
  • You will receive a folio and the materials when you start the course, including your relaxation tracks. All materials are covered in the course fee.
  • We cover lots of subjects and techniques over the 2 days that will give you skills, knowledge and confidence for your birthing day.
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended as we will sit for a larger portion of the day. We will go over some hands-on techniques, such as massage, and perform self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques.
  • Most importantly is all the information and techniques over the duration of the course making you feel calm and prepared for your upcoming Hypnobirth!

Do I need to do another hospital course?

This is a personal choice. Hypnobirthing Australia course will cover all the material and techniques you need to achieve the best birth possible. However, you may wish to attend your chosen hospital antenatal course to become familiar with your birth space, and understand their policies. I have had people do both options, and either way have found the information Hypnobirthing Australia course covers to be more than adequate.

Is there any hypnosis involved?

Yes! Self-hypnosis is covered. Most people think hypnosis as being “put under a spell”. This perception is not true. Self-hypnosis is a normal state of mind, which we go into daily. During any hypnosis you are always the one in control of your mind. We use self-hypnosis as a great way to change unwanted though patterns to more desirable ones to help achieve the positive birth you are looking for. What a great tool we have, and this is what makes Hypnorthing special and unique! It’s not just a funny name.

Is this course only for natural births?

No, most definitely not! We aim for a positive and calm birth, and understand that no two births are the same. We will give you the tools and confidence to help you make the right decisions on the day to help you achieve this. Birth is birth, be it natural or caesarean. We want you to achieve the best birth possible with the circumstances given, and the Hypnobirthing Australia course taught here at Naturally Better Births will help give you the skills and confidence to do so.

Should my partner attend?

Whoever you have chosen to be your birth partner, it is encouraged for them to attend. We cover tools for them to use on the day. This can help keep your relaxed on the day. This may be your husband, partner, sister, mother or whoever you have chosen.

However, if a birth partner cannot attend please rest assured you can still attend the course by yourself. There is so much to be gained out of Hypnobirthing Australia for the birthing mother.

If circumstance arise and the birth partner cannot be there for the course, but will be there for the birth, please contact me for details on how we can make it work.

When is the best time to do the course?

We generally recommend doing the course anywhere between 20-30 weeks pregnant. However, I have had people attend anywhere between 17 weeks and 37 weeks pregnant! If you are unsure if the timing is right for you, please contact me and we can talk about what the options are.