Little Delaney

Little Delaney was born! Hypnobirthed all the way and no interventions! 15hr labour started Father’s Day lunchtime and she was born early Monday.


Went to hospital at 1am as we did a lot at home. Chrissie was a machine and never left my side! Nose breathing in and out was incredible and Chrissie said I went pretty ‘primal’ as Delaney entered our world haha. Only stayed 2 nights in hospital. Hooray!


She is such a darling and had a good temperament and sleeps well and breastfeeds well. Smiling, tracking people around room, grabbing onto items – so advanced hahaha.


Couldn’t have done it without you and the course!!! I know that’s why she’s such an amazing person already because of the natural way she entered the world! -Heidi


Yes we have indeed had our baby! Our son Caleb was born last night at 7:41pm weighing in at 3.86kg. From the onset of labor to birth took about 3.5hrs! He came so quickly that I actually delivered him on our bedroom floor instead of the hospital:) The ambos arrived in the room about 90secs after he was born:)


Mum and bub are doing really well. He was born naturally. Baby is breastfeeding really well! -Matt



My bub arrived on Feb 2 at 5.36 am 2 weeks earlier! She is a healthy, chubby little girl weighting 3.7 kg.


Her hypnobirth was a great experience. I listened to the Hypnobirthing tracks, used the breathing and visualization techniques and Tomas was with me all the time doing the massage and anchor touch. During surges he prompted to think of the waves of the ocean: ‘let go and don’t fight it’ he would say. Vittoria arrived before my obstetrician could make it to the hospital. I pushed once using the bear down breathing technique and she came out (head and body). She was placed on my chest immediately and Tomas cut the cord only after it stopped pulsating. Soon after her birth, I started breastfeeding.

All the midwives in the delivery ward congratulated  me on having such a calm birth. They asked me about hypnobirthing.


Before hypnobirthing, Tomas would never want to see our baby being born. During our baby’s birth he witnessed everything: baby and placenta being pushed out, etc.. I am so glad I decided to hypnobirth. What a beautiful way to start the life of a human being- Valeria



Now we are getting somewhat settled with our little man I thought I’d sent through the details of our Hypnobirthing.

Luca was due on the 26th January. On the 19th January, about 3pm whilst I was listening to my Hypnobirthing tracks on the couch I started to feel surges. I assumed they were practice surges but they started coming pretty thick and fast.

I ended up bouncing on my exercise ball for a good 3 hours before I decided to text Joe to ask if he was on his way home from work. He got home about 6.30pm and thought I was joking as he walked through the door and I said “I don’t think you’ll be going to work tomorrow, I think we will be having a baby”

For the next 2-3 hours we walked around and breathed through the surges. At about 9.00pm I got into the bath with my hypnobirthing tracks and lasted about an hour in the bath very relaxed, calm and really in the moment.

We both got into bed about 11pm as we knew this could be a very long labour but didn’t feel the need for any medical assistance at the moment.

By 12.00am (this was now Friday 20th Jan) I had to get out of bed as the pressure was becoming quite overwhelming and lying down was not helping. At this stage we put the TENS machine on my back which was amazing and really took away the worst of the pressure during the surges.
We called the hospital at about 2.30am and told them my surges were 3 minutes apart and lasting roughly 30 seconds and it had now been about 12 hours of labour. The hospital suggested we come on in and get checked out.

We arrived at the hospital and by this stage I wasn’t really able to talk or walk through the surges. The whole time I had my hypnobirthing tracks on my iphone and my headphones in. They asked if they wanted me to get checked and I said no, so they left us to labour and only came in once or twice.

During this time we set up the room with our own music, candles and asked everyone who came in to be calm, not much talking and kept most of the lights off so we could keep our calm environment. Everyone was so respectful of our wishes and our midwife had worked with Hypnobirths in the past so was very supportive.

By 5am everything was starting to get a bit more full on so the midwife decided to check my progress. To my horror I was only 3cms dilated. I tried to not let it dishearten me and they agreed to let me keep going. At this point I was offered an epidural which I declined. Obviously my body and baby needed more time.

By 9.30am I was checked again and we had moved to 5cms! Joe and I were both getting tired but just tried to stay calm, lots of gentle massage.

By 11.30am I was starting to feel like I was loosing control, the pressure through my back was intense and I was having the need to bear down. I was checked again and still stalled at 5cms. By this stage, Luca was starting to show signs of tiring so they suggested the drip to really ramp up my contractions. It went against everything I had wanted to do but I knew it was the best decision. At this stage, I was also so exhausted and they suggested an epidural to assist me to relax which I agreed. The next 3.5 hours were bliss. I was completely aware of my surroundings, still about to move (albiet limited) very relaxed and was still hypnobirthing in my calm environment and progressed to 10cms.

At about 3.30pm, I was ready to bring this baby out. With a bit of suction assistance, I bared down my beautiful baby in about 5 pushes, and he was born into a beautiful calm environment. We enjoyed a beautiful 2 hour skin to skin time where he fed and never cried.

Luca Robert was born at 4.03pm on Friday 20th January 2017 and is our own little piece of perfection.

Although I didn’t really think I would go for an epidural, I had the most perfect birth. The entire time I felt empowered and knew my body was doing what it needed to do.

My recovery was fantastic. I did get my placenta encapsulated and I think this has been a driving force in my post birth recovery. My milk supply is great, I’ve heeled perfectly and my energy levels are above what I imaged living off broken sleep for the last almost 6 weeks! I highly recommend!

Thank you so much for introducing us to Hypnobirthing, I really believe it assisted me with a fantastic birth without any fear and I look forward to doing it all again when we gear up for Baby #2 (we will wait a while for that!) :)

Thanks again!-

Ellen, Joe and Luca Amato


Harper Rose

My membranes released at home, hospital wanted to check the fluids so we went in and found out that I would have to stay there and be monitored. We were both in the zone, and I laboured well.

After making some decisions, we agreed on a caesarean. I was calm, listening to tracks the entire time, Nick was in control and did a marvellous job and we now have a healthy baby girl.. Harper Rose

I’ve recovered well and we are both doing fine, she latched on straight away and Nick was able to have skin to skin with her while I was in recovery.

Hypnobirthing really helped us stay in the zone and ask the important questions, so thank you. -Chrysula